9 Tips To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Winter

When you are about to enter the winter season after fall, not only does the atmosphere around you change, but your requirements also change. Your heating equipment fulfils the need to be warm and comfortable indoors.

Before switching from an air conditioner to a heater, ensure your heating unit is ready for the winter. The ahead-given tips will guide you on heating maintenance in Lancaster.

9 Tips To Prepare The HVAC For Winter

Preparing the heating system for winter is not a complicated task. It would be best if you had some time, a minor investment, and a trustworthy HVAC professional.

Go for a Thermostat Upgrade

If you still use a non-programmable thermostat, it will cause inconvenience during winter. Therefore a smart thermostat can tackle temperature variation smartly and satisfy your requirement automatically.

A smart thermostat makes the room temperature as desired, and you don’t have to set the temperature frequently to meet your needs.

Cover the HVAC Unit

If you use the same equipment for heating and cooling, you should cover the condenser unit when your system is not in use to protect it from debris and other undesirable components. You can get good quality HVAC unit covers online. It would help if you pruned the outside vegetation to prevent the entrance of branches, leaves, vines, etc., into the HVAC.

Check the Carbon Monoxide Detector

Inspect the carbon monoxide detector to know if it is in working condition. The carbon monoxide leak will harm your health and HVAC if the detector does not work.

Clean the Entire Unit

Make sure you clean your heating unit before you start using it. Dirt and debris should not fill the system. The drainage should also be cleaned and not blocked. Clogging is a common problem you face due to an unclean system. It can restrict the airflow too.

Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter is the source of multiple HVAC problems. Replace the air filter before you turn your heating equipment on for winter.

Lubricate the Motor

Inspect the blower motor to check if it is too dry and needs lubrication. Follow the steps in the HVAC manual to lubricate your system well.

Service the Chimney

Contact a technician for chimney servicing before the winter arrives to prevent the problem of poor air quality and inefficient heating.

Test the Performance

Use your heating equipment for some time to inspect its performance before you schedule annual service. This way, you know the problems that needs to be discussed with the technician during the tune-up.

Schedule Heater Servicing

After self-inspection, contact the technician for annual servicing to boost the efficiency of your heating unit.

If you are not sure whether your heating system is ready for the winter or not, contact DAC Heating and Air for HVAC service in Lancaster, Antelope Valley, and nearby areas. Our qualified and skilled HVAC experts will make your system highly efficient to take care of your comfort this winter. Call us at 661-449-1527 to hire our expert.