Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On? Check These 6 Things

When the temperatures begin rising, your air conditioning system becomes crucial. Maintaining a consistent level of comfort in your home or building is critical to the well-being of your residents.

A sudden failure of your air conditioner can be alarming. It could be as simple as a blown a fuse or tripped circuit breaker that caused the problem. In some cases, air conditioner problems necessitate professional AC Service in Lancaster. On the other hand, homeowners can fix issues on their own with a little troubleshooting.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won't Switch On

Blocked drain

A drain line is installed in your home to remove the condensation when your air conditioning system is running. They will eventually develop mold and algae on them. Until you clear the drain, your air conditioner won’t turn on. It’s important to keep your condensate drain line free of debris at least once a month.

Circuit breaker

When a circuit breaker senses an overload of electricity, it automatically shuts itself off. It safeguards your home from the dangers of a fire. Many appliances running at once or an old appliance consuming excessive electricity could be to blame for tripping the breakers. The overloaded circuit may cause an electrical fire if turned on. Contact professional AC Repair in Lancaster.

Faulty thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat might affect the performance of your air conditioner. If your thermostat is damaged, out-of-date, or in need of batteries, your air conditioner may be unable to switch on. You may require a replacement if your thermostat still won’t turn on.

AC Motor Issue

Your AC may not be working if you hear strange noises before it stops working altogether. Due to aging or lack of maintenance, the motor’s lubrication oil seeps out of the seals over time. The motor will eventually fail if it isn’t lubricated with oil. If the problem is with your motor, you should compare the cost of repairing it with replacing the AC unit to get several quotations.

Insufficient Refrigerant

Air conditioners don’t use up the refrigerant. AC coil cracks might cause leaking over time. Not performing routine maintenance might lead to rusting. You can’t do much independently in this circumstance because the refrigerant levels must meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Clogged Filter

A clogged air filter can create a wide range of issues, including reduced airflow. Your AC unit has to work harder when the filters are clogged. Your air conditioning system may stop working as a result of this. AC Service in Lancaster can help you avoid problems in the future while also saving you money and stress.

Maintain Your AC With Expert Care

To keep your AC running properly, have an expert maintain it. Do it every four months to boost your AC’s efficiency and output. An unmaintained AC might raise your electricity bills and fail to cool your home.

DAC heating and Air can help you do this. Our licensed experts will inspect your unit and pinpoint the exact problem during AC Repair in Lancaster. Ring us to schedule an appointment.