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Can Your Air Conditioner Handle The Heat?

If your air conditioning system isn’t reliable, hot weather can be unbearable. Your HVAC unit may be able to last another season before the temperatures rise. The components of your air conditioner gradually wear out as it ages. There will be frequent breakdowns and expensive repair bills as a result. Regardless of its performance, you’ll still have to pay a high electric bill.

What Are The Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Not Working Correctly?


When determining how efficient your air conditioner is, its age is the most important factor. You may not be able to use your air conditioner if it is more than 15 years old, even if you take good care of it. You may want to upgrade to a new system if your unit is over ten years old, even if it is still operating properly.


Newer units are designed to be more energy-efficient, lowering energy costs. As a result of its negative environmental impact, older units use R22 Freon, which will soon no longer be available. Upgrade your unit now before replacement Freon is no longer available.

Age of Your Unit

An aging AC unit often becomes less energy efficient as its components age and cease to function as efficiently. To maintain a stable temperature in your home, your system has to run more frequently and harder. Your air conditioning unit may not be working if you’re experiencing higher energy bills.

Strange Noises

A strange noise may indicate that a belt is slipping, leading to more costly repairs if left unattended. You should have your air conditioner inspected if it makes an unexpected noise. It is also important to deal with strange smells. It is common for your system to smell musty, which indicates mold is growing somewhere.

Call a reputable professional for AC replacement in Palmdale, near you, if your air conditioner needs service.

Features For Better Efficiency

Older HVAC equipment is inefficient compared to today’s modern systems that are more comfortable at a lower cost. Almost all modern systems have energy-saving features.

Variable-Speed Drive

Variable-speed HVAC systems control the distribution of cooled air in your home more effectively. With such systems, the cycle of sudden on/off is removed as they operate at a slower and slower speed.

SEER Rating

An HVAC system’s seasonal energy efficiency is measured by its SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Using SEER ratings, you can determine how much energy you will save. You should check the SEER rating when considering a new AC installation in Palmdale.


A preventative maintenance program could extend the life of your air conditioning system by another season. Even though it is approaching 15 years old but still primarily functional. To maintain your AC system’s optimal performance, you should always seek expert assistance.

If your air conditioning unit performs efficiently, you can be rest assured that it will effortlessly handle the heat. DAC Heating and Air HVAC experts will work with you to solve all your problems so you can enjoy the summertime without worrying about AC breakdowns.