What is #DACgivesBACK?

DAC Heating and Air introduces a program to help give back to our beautiful community of The Antelope Valley. Alex Beltran, our CEO, firmly believes to help those around us when we are able to. In many ways we all have been blessed with so much, even when our luck is down. It only takes one person, and one small action to help someone in need. When these acts of kindness occur, it has a trickling effect. When the community joins forces to help those who are in need, the community grows and prospers.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our community rise up. To show our future generations to take care of one another to have a safe and beautiful community. At some point in our lives, we were down on our luck and some of us were blessed to have someone extend a hand to help pull us up. #DACgivesBACK wants to be that hand that helps. We have built a team that believes in this mission and are determined to bring a positive and loving community for all futures generations.

What we have accomplished

Being our first year as a corporation #DACgivesBACK so far has had 2 successful Furnace Giveaways. Being a Veteran owned company, it was only right for us to start with our November Veteran Furnace giveaway. Our 2nd giveaway was our Holiday Furnace giveaway. The Antelope Valley reached some extremely low temperatures in December. Successfully, we were able to install a new highly efficient furnace to a family with no heat. Although 2 giveaways may not seem like many, it is a great start for what is yet to come! We encourage for local AV vendors, stores, contractors, and businesses to join us to bring more blessings and hands to community.