How Do You Fix A Heater That Won’t Heat?

A heating system is an essential appliance today. It provides you with the warmth you need during winter or cold weather. However, it may sometimes not function properly. You can try troubleshooting methods first; if that doesn’t work, contact the experts at DAC Heating and Air for heating maintenance and HVAC Service in Lancaster.

Tips To Fix a Heater That Doesn't Heat

  • Examine the thermostat to see if it is working

    It may seem elementary, but you’ll be amazed at the number of people who discover their thermostat was the root of the problem. For specific models, the non-functioning batteries within the device could cause the system to become erratic or cease to respond. 

  • Make sure you check your thermostat’s settings

    Someone in the family could have unintentionally altered the thermostat’s settings, or the thermostat could have been reset due to an error. The majority of modern thermostats have two primary options for setting:

  • Auto: Using auto mode could significantly lower your energy costs.

  • ON: The setting will ensure that your system’s fan is always on, even when your heater isn’t heating the air. You may wish to change the temperature or change it to auto mode.

  • Replace your air filters

Dirty filters could cause many problems with heaters, including low airflow, decreased heating power, and excessive heat equipment. If the components of your heater get too hot, your heater may be equipped with an automatic shut-off switch that shuts down the unit to avoid irreparable damage. DAC Heating and Air are your leading HVAC service in Lancaster for assistance. 

  • Examine your circuit breakers
    Check if the circuit breaker panel might have been tripped during a heating maintenance call. If you have a heating pump, an outside circuit breaker might have been tripped; you can reset them easily. DAC Heating and Air can help you with assistance in Lancaster.
  • Check the on and off switch

    If the furnace switch is turned off, it will not run. Therefore, you need to switch it back on to operate your heating system. It’s likely to be located close to the heater’s outside unit. Verify that the switch is on. You’ll likely need to open up a small metal flap to access the switch within the box, which keeps it secure against the weather.

  • Close and secure the door to the furnace

    Some furnaces have susceptible safety features that are built into the machine. If the door that connects to the furnace isn’t secured and fixed, some models will not function.

  • Check the gas valve in your furnace

    If you have an electric furnace powered by gas, the gas may have been turned off by a person within your household towards the end of the previous heating season or by an HVAC expert working on your appliance. If the valve is shut, it will remain perpendicular to the gas pipe (forming the shape of a cross). Make sure that you turn the lever perpendicular to the pipe to allow gas to be pumped into the furnace.

Are you still struggling to get your heating system functioning correctly? The heating specialists of DAC Heating and Air are here to ensure that you and your family are warm all through winter. Call us at 661-449-1527 or drop us an email for heating maintenance and HVAC service in Lancaster.