How Do You Reset Your Thermostat for Heat?


It is necessary to reset your home’s thermostat from time to time. Resetting your thermostat returns it to its factory settings, which can help in the resolution of programming the HVAC system, or thermostat connection issues.

How To Reset A Thermostat

Many thermostats can be reset in various ways. Read your thermostat’s instruction manual for the best results. Some websites and videos can help you figure out how to reset your specific thermostat if you don’t have the manual. You can also seek help from our technician for heating repair in Lancaster.

How To Reset All Types Of Thermostats

1. Programmable Thermostat

Resetting a programmable thermostat requires the removal of the batteries or the flipping of a battery flip-flop. Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Switch your thermostat to the off position and turn it off.
  2. Remove the battery door. If your thermostat’s battery door is on the back, you may need to remove it from the wall.
  3. Take out the batteries.
  4. For five seconds, insert the batteries backward, so the negative sides line up with the positive terminal.
  5. Remove the backward batteries and replace them normally.
  6. Once the display illuminates, your thermostat has been reset, and you can test to see if it has resolved any HVAC, thermostat, or programming issues.

2. Electronic Thermostat With Line Voltage or Low Voltage

Cleaning the components and testing the various settings are required to reset a line voltage or low voltage electronic thermostat. These thermostats are typically associated with baseboard heating or direct-wired electric furnaces and do not have a digital display.

  1. Take off the thermostat cover.
  2. With a soft brush, gently clean the inside components.
  3. Set the thermostat to the warmest setting.
  4. Clean the components once more with a soft brush.
  5. Set the thermostat to the highest heat setting and clean the coil.
  6. Reset your thermostat to the desired temperature.

3. Non- Programmable Digital Thermostat

To reset a non-programmable digital thermostat, remove the face and press the reset button for five seconds, or remove the batteries for five seconds. Your thermostat should reset after completing one or both of these steps. If you still require assistance, get in touch with DAC heating and air for heating service in Lancaster.

4. Mechanical Thermostat

You can tell if you have a mechanical thermostat because it is not programmable and must be manually set, turned on, and turned off. Furthermore, they are not battery-powered, reset your circuit breaker or get help from our expert for heating repair service in Lancaster.

The following are the step-by-step reset instructions:

  1. Switch your thermostat off.
  2. The breaker should be turned off as it powers your HVAC system.
  3. Wait 30 seconds before resetting the breaker.
  4. Restart your thermostat.
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