Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

Fall has officially arrived in California, and it is time for homeowners to look at their heating appliance to ensure it remains ready for the chilly winter ahead. Moreover, taking care of your heating appliance becomes important because there is a high possibility that it might result in severe wear and tear due to sitting idle for months.

Therefore, to ensure the optimum performance of your heating device throughout the winter season, it is better to call experts timely for a comprehensive maintenance and heating service in Lancaster.

Tips to Get Your Furnace Unit Winter Ready

Here are some effective tips to get your heating device winter ready:

Activate the Thermostat

One of the most effective tips to make your furnace winter ready is to change from cooling to heating and raise the thermostat a few degrees from the ambient temperature. Next, pull off the cover and check the electrical connection if you don’t hear the heat start up after a minute.

Also, ensure the HVAC system’s power supply is turned on if the connectors are secure. You could inspect the furnace fan, blower, or heat pump if it isn’t working, but it probably makes more sense to hire a professional contractor to examine your furnace.

Change or Replace Your Air Filters

You most likely have one or more air purifiers in the HVAC system or behind a vent grill in the wall or ceiling. It is better to replace or clean these filters every couple of months to make your machine run effectively. You could also clean and reuse an electrostatic filtration if you have one.

Regular filter cleaning or replacement keeps debris out of your HVAC system and can extend its life. If your HVAC system has a humidifier, while you’re at it, replace the humidifier filter and adjust the humidistat.

Inspect Your Furnace's Chimney

Examine your furnace’s chimney for blockages, such as bird nests and other debris or soot accumulation. Consider hiring a professional to inspect and clean the chimney on your furnace if it hasn’t been inspected.

Ensure that the Burners of the Heater are Clean and Free of Debris

Typically, the summer is when debris and particles can build up on the furnace’s burners. Therefore, before the winter season begins, you should think about cleaning the burners. Also, it is prudent to keep an eye out for any indications of corrosion and misalignment when wiping the burners.

Lubricate the Furnace's Blower

You must check that each part of your furnace system is clean and in good functioning order as you get ready for winter. The air compressor in your furnace typically has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your heating system. Hence it should be oiled at least once a year to enhance overall performance and stop any odd noises while operating.

Uncover All the Heating Vents

Always check your heating ducts a second time to be sure nothing is blocking them. Besides preventing heat from escaping, blocked vents increase your heating costs. As a result, a blocked vent may cause a furnace to overheat, and it is better to keep them uncovered.

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