What Does A Heating System Reset Schedule Entail?

Outdoor reset is one of the features of heating controls, which optimizes the efficiency of hot and steam water boilers that are used to build heating based on the temperature outside of the building. Hot water boilers can raise the temperature of the water in the boiler when outside temperatures drop; steam boilers will alter the on-off cycle time for the boiler.

What Is The Design Temperature?

Building codes mandate that heating systems for commercial and residential buildings are sized to keep the building warm to the building’s design temperature. The design temperature is the lowest outdoor temperature that the area is expected to have 99% of the time based on a 30-year average.

The heating system is too large to meet the requirements. 1% of the time if the outside temperature is significantly higher. Contact DAC Heating and Air for excellent heating service in Lancaster and more information.

Differences In Residential And Commercial Settings

  • Residential building settings

    On mild winter days, the thermostat constantly changes the temperature from on to off. Since the home heating system is small, it reacts within a minute or so when the thermostat demands heating. Once the thermostat is set, the boiler is shut off. Any heat left in the system quickly disappears, which causes a tiny temperature shift. DAC Heating and Air are leading experts in heating repair in Lancaster and are available to help with more information. 

  • Commercial building settings

    Commercial buildings have hundreds of pipes and gallons of water that make up the heating systems and have lots of thermal mass, which takes some time to warm up and cool down. If a thermostat requests heating in a steam-powered commercial structure, it could take 20 to 30 minutes to create steam inside the boiler due to the size of the structure and the condition of the steam traps, air vents, and so on.
    It may require an additional 10 to 20 minutes to fill the system with steam. Once the mass is warm, as well as the thermostat setting, the hot or steamy water that remains within the system will release heat back into the radiators, causing significant overheating of certain rooms of the building. 

Due to this delay when heating the mass and, after that, having to let go of its heat reserves, the thermostat will constantly overheat the building and waste energy. DAC Heating and Air can help with heating repair in the Lancaster area.

Resolution By Outdoor Reset

Outdoor reset resolves this issue by allowing the boiler controller to determine how much heating the building needs according to the current outside temperature. Ninety-nine percent of the time, outdoor temperatures are higher than the design temperature, and the controller adjusts the output of the boiler to accommodate the predicted demand.


The moment you reset your heating schedule, you are setting it back to its original setting, which can resolve the programming problems with your HVAC system. If you constantly activate your air conditioner or heating system but cannot achieve your ideal home temperature, reset your thermostat.

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