What happens during HVAC maintenance?

Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your home, and it is important to keep it running smoothly. Regular maintenance helps your HVAC system run more efficiently and last longer. When you get regular tune-ups for your system, it can also help you avoid unexpected and often expensive repairs.

The following things will be done during HVAC maintenance in Palmdale, CA by DAC Heating & Air:

  • A Thorough Inspection: Our HVAC contractor will arrive at your home and conduct a thorough inspection of your system. We’ll check all the major components to ensure they’re in good working order. This includes the air filter, coils, blower, and more. We’ll clean the parts and ensure that all components are in good working order.
  • Clean All the Components: Once we’ve inspected all the components of your system, we’ll start cleaning them. We’ll also clean any ductwork that may be present. It helps improve efficiency and prevent potential problems.
  • Test the Refrigerant Levels: We’ll also test the refrigerant levels in your system. This is important because it helps ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Lubricate all Moving Parts: All moving parts in your HVAC system will be lubricated to ensure they’re running smoothly. This can help prevent friction & wear and keep your system running efficiently.
  • Make any Necessary Repairs: If we find any issues during our inspection or cleaning process, we’ll make the necessary repairs then and there. This could include fixing loose connections.]
  • Replacements: In some cases, we may recommend replacing parts of your HVAC system during maintenance. This is usually only necessary if a part is damaged beyond repair, or if it is outdated and needs to be upgraded.
  • Adjustments as Needed: Once everything has been cleaned and repaired, we’ll make any necessary adjustments to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. This could involve adjusting the thermostat and belts, checking the refrigerant levels, or testing the system to ensure it’s working properly.

After completing these tasks, we will give you a full report of our findings so that you can make informed decisions about your HVAC system. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance services in Palmdale, CA.

Professional HVAC Maintenance Recommended

It’s important to have professional HVAC maintenance conducted at least once a year. This helps ensure that your system is running properly and can help prevent small issues from
turning into major problems.

DAC Heating & Air is your trusted source for HVAC Service Lancaster. We are a veteran and family-owned HVAC contractor in Palmdale, CA. Our team of experienced professionals will perform all the necessary tasks and adjust your system to ensure it is running efficiently and that any potential problems are caught early on. In addition, we also provide financing options like Optimus which will get you approved for installations, maintenance, repairs, services, and more. Contact us today at (661) 449-1527 to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment.