When Should You Reset Your AC Unit?

Do you own an HVAC system at home? If yes, we understand how difficult it is to maintain them. Like any professional HVAC service in Lancaster, we like to extend our knowledge about air conditioner systems and how you can keep it in the best condition.

Sometimes, air conditioner systems, like any other electronic appliances, require a reset from time to time. Before you call for AC repair in Lancaster, you should always opt for a DIY method to restart the air conditioner.

When Should You Reset Your Air Conditioner Unit?

The most probable cause for an air conditioner requiring a reset is when the circuit breaker in the air conditioner kicks in. A circuit breaker is like a safety switch that turns on automatically if there is an electric power surge.

Circuit breaker tripping safeguards your air conditioner systems. However, you may not experience quality indoor air even after the power becomes normal. It is at this point you can contact a professional AC repair in Lancaster.

Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

As the first step, turn off your air conditioner from the electric board. You don’t want to keep your AC running while you perform resetting. Any reputed HVAC service in Lancaster will tell you the same.

Look For The Breaker Box

Your HVAC service provider in Lancaster would have placed the box on the wall or in any safe area of your house. You can find the breaker box in the following places:

  • Garage.
  •  Crawl spaces.
  •  Basement.
  • Outside your home.
  •  Laundry rooms.

Find The Main Button

Finding this button is an essential part of the whole DIY resetting method. Every air conditioner is equipped with a reset switch that can be helpful in such a situation.

If you have trouble finding the switch, we advise you to stop and contact a professional HVAC service in Lancaster, or you can refer to the air conditioner manual.

Hold The Button For Several Second

Find the button and hold it for several seconds until it makes a sound or blinks a light. It varies from the model of the air conditioning unit.

Restart Your Air Conditioner

In the final step, flip all the switches back and wait for a few minutes to start your air conditioner on its own.

After the final step, you must check in with the thermostat to see if it is on or not. Even after this, if you find that your AC is not operating as it should be, contact a reliable AC repair in Lancaster.


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